User Training

ESAT owns an independent premises admeasuring about 12,000 square feet of fully furnished development center in the heart of Chennai City, at Kodambakkam about 10 kilometers from Chennai International Air Port.

ESAT has made significant investment in physical and technological infrastructure. Our investments in technological infrastructure and telecommunications ensure that we have adequate capacity to sustain our growing business needs and provide seamless delivery of solutions to our clients.

    The present infrastructure can accommodate 200 programmers and related staff. ESAT is at present equipped with more than 200 networked high end work stations.

The strength of ESAT is its core professionals with vast experience in all spheres of software research, development and implementation. A well-networked environment with state of the art facilities makes ESAT distinguishable. Products from ESAT bear the tag of innovation and experience. The core management team of the company consists of qualified engineers and professionals who are also the promoters and major shareholders of the company.

An auditorium with excellent acoustics with capacity of accommodating 300 persons.