Software Resources

   The present infrastructure can accommodate 200 programmers and related staff.ESAT is at present equipped with more than 200 networked high end work stations.

ESAT Strength is its People

   ESAT Strength is based on the team of experienced and professional project managers, software engineers with years of proven experience in solving advanced tasks and focusing on the needs of each customer.

   ESAT has access to a team of disciplined software engineers, Project leaders and project managers, enabling us to deliver our solutions on time.

   In house R&D group constantly challenge all of our staff to question the already established methods, and to deliver improved solutions.

We have dedicated project teams working in various technologies like:

   Sybase Power Builder.
   Oracle-Developer 2000
   Visual Fox pro
   XML, WML and other markup languages
   Flash and other multimedia tools
   Project teams are trained on the relevant technologies internally from time-to-time as required for the projects.